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Terms & Conditions



  1. The "Bookmaker" is BetEasy P/L licensed by the Northern Territory Government in the Commonwealth of Australia to accept bets by telephone and the internet on a global basis.
    The Client is a person that is at least 18 years of age and holds a Client Betting Account with the bookmaker.
    The TAB is one or all of the three major Australian TABs, namely Unitab, SuperTAB, and NSW TAB.

    Australian Business No: 18 162 554 707.

    All transactions are processed in Australia Dollars (AUD)

Client Responsibility

  1. The "Client" is a person who must be 18 years or older and has an account (Client Betting Account) with the Bookmaker.
  2. It is the Client"s responsibility to ensure that they keep their Personal Identification Number (PIN) and security details confidential.
  3. Clients will be responsible for all wagers in which their user-name and security details are used for any activity on their Client Betting Account unless they have notified the Bookmaker prior of a problem.
  4. Any bet (wager) made by telephone or via the internet where the user name and security details have been used will be regarded by the Bookmaker as being valid and may not be changed, cancelled or modified.
    Bookmakers Reserved Rights
  5. The Bookmaker reserves the right to refuse any bet or part of a bet without giving a reason at any time.
  6. In addition, the Bookmaker reserves the right to close a Client"s Client Betting Account and refund the balance of their account without further explanation. In this event, outstanding bets will be honoured, unless the Client Betting Account has been used for any fraudulent transaction or purpose where outstanding bets will be void.
  7. The Bookmaker reserves the right to change, amend or add to these Rules and Privacy Policy as it sees fit without providing further notice other than posting the current Rules or Privacy Policy on the website the Bookmaker. It is the Client"s responsibility to ensure they are up to date with the current Terms of Betting.
  8. A Client is deemed to have accepted these Rules and Privacy Policy by opening an account or by placing a bet with the Bookmaker via the telephone or via the Bookmaker website. Clients can view the Privacy Policy on the Bookmaker website, or request this in writing.
  9. Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in these rules, if the Bookmaker publishes, posts or quotes any incorrect betting information for any sporting event, such as posting wrong dividends or lines, or allowing related multi bets, then regardless of the cause or source of such error;
    1. If the error is identified prior to the commencement of the event and notified by the Bookmaker to the client, whose bet on that event had been accepted or confirmed by the Bookmaker, on notifying the bet/s will be void. If bet is included in a multiple bet, this bet will then be re-calculated without the team/competitor which had the human error.
    2. If the error is identified only after the commencement of the event or as the customer could not be notified prior to commencement of the event, the bet on the event shall stand. In the case that the wrong price was used due human or computer error the price will be adjusted to the SP or correct closing price per the market. The exception is where the Bookmaker can demonstrate that the error was manifest or obvious, or that the customer otherwise should reasonably have been aware of the error, when the bet was placed. In this case the bet will be cancelled. If a Client has been paid on these winnings in error the Bookmaker shall be issue an account in normal procedure and amount be due and payable within one week. The account sent will be accepted as evidence of amendment and monies owed.
  10. The Bookmaker has made considerable efforts to ensure its sports betting business operates in a fair, prompt and accurate manner. Save to the extent permitted by law (and only to such an extent), the Bookmaker excludes all warranties (express or implied) relating to its sports betting business and shall not have any liability for direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage, expense or injury suffered by any Client.
  11. Subject to Rule 11, the Bookmaker"s liability in respect of any claim or loss shall be limited in amount to the relevant bet placed by a Client.
  12. The Bookmaker reserves the right to void any or all bets made by any individual or group of people acting together in an attempt to defraud the Bookmaker. This can include persons, relatives, organisations, bookmakers and their employees.
  13. All bets are considered to be placed and received in the Northern Territory in the Commonwealth of Australia.
  14. The Bookmaker does not warrant or imply that participation in bets or wagers complies with the legal requirements of any state or country other than the Northern Territory. Clients must satisfy for themselves (and assume full responsibility for) the legality of:
    1. Applying to the Bookmaker for a Client Betting Account;
    2. Remitting funds by credit card or other permitted means to a Client Betting Account held with the Bookmaker;
    3. Placement of bets or wagers with the Bookmaker; and,
    4. Receiving winnings from the Bookmaker.
  15. A Client may only have one (1) Client Betting Account unless otherwise agreed to by the Bookmaker. If a Client has additional Client Betting Account(s) held in other names, then the account balances of all associated Client Betting Accounts shall be transferred into the original Client Betting Account and;
    1. If, after the transfers the original Client Betting Account has a debit balance,the Bookmaker shall be entitled to receive payment for the debit balance immediately; or
    2. If, after the transfers there is a credit balance in the original Client Betting Account, the credit balance will be held by the Bookmaker until such time as a determination has been made by the Bookmaker as to whether or not there has been a breach of these Rules.
  16. These Rules shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of the Northern Territory and each Client irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Northern Territory Courts in respect of any dispute or matter arising from these Rules.
  17. The regulatory authority is the Racing commission or such other authority authorized by the Laws of the Northern Territory for that purpose.
  18. If a client receives a bonus that requires a deposit to be made to claim the bonus, the deposit and the bonus must be bet with. The Bookmaker reserves the right to remove the bonus and refund the remaining balance should a client be in breach of these conditions.
  19. The Bookmaker reserves the right to withhold funds from clients who have not completed the identification process; funds are released as soon as this process has been completed.
  20. The Bookmaker reserves the right to refuse any wager based on bet type, event or venue.
  21. a.

    It is recorded that the provisions of this Clause “22” only apply if a Players account at
    Betezy Pty Ltd
    constitutes a Dormant Account. 'Dormant' means an account that has been inactive for a period of six (6) months or more.


    An Account Management fee of $6.00 per month may be debited from any account that is dormant.

Client Identification

Northern Territory government legislation requires that the Bookmaker must be reasonably satisfied that all account holders are over the age of 18. The Bookmaker requires new account holders to fill in a Form D, sign and return to us with a copy of photo ID showing clients date of birth and current address.
We must receive this information within 90 days of the first transaction on the account. Clients will not be able to make any withdrawals from their betting account until we receive the Form D and photo identification.
Form D can be downloaded form the help section of our website or can be emailed, faxed or mailed to clients on request.
Terms under which bets are accepted

  1. Bets will be accepted up to the advertised start time of the event or such earlier time as dictated by the Bookmaker specified on the website at the event page. If a bet is inadvertently accepted in respect of an event after its start time, the bet shall be deemed to have been made invalidly and will be refunded to the Client.
  2. Clients should check their Client Account Balance each time they log on to their Client Betting Account or at the time they place their bet via the telephone. In the event of a query, it is the Client"s responsibility to notify the Bookmaker at the earliest opportunity providing the Client"s own record of transactions since the Client Account Balance was last verified.
  3. When making a wager via the telephone it is the Client"s responsibility to quote the correct user-name and Personal Identification Number (PIN) when telephoning the Bookmaker. Bets when made over the telephone by the Client will be read back to the Client by the telephone operator. A bet is accepted when a Client either indicates agreement with a bet after it has been read back to the Client or if the Client does not indicate any disagreement with the bet as read back to the Client and the call is terminated.
  4. When making a wager via the Internet a bet is accepted when the Client receives a "Confirmation" message when the bet is processed through the Bookmaker website. Once placed, no bet may be altered or cancelled.
  5. The minimum bet via the Internet is $1 and via Telephone is $10 for racing bets and $50 for sports bets.
  6. The Bookmaker shall make a record of all telephone discussions with Clients when Clients are placing a wager. The Client acknowledges this and agrees to such recordings being made and, where a dispute occurs which cannot be resolved by the Bookmaker, the Client agrees that the relevant recording(s) and/or any records of a Client"s transactions via the internet may be made available to the regulatory authority to enable the dispute to be determined in accordance with these Rules.
  7. If any dispute cannot be settled satisfactorily between the Bookmaker and the Client, the matter shall be referred to a representative of the Northern Territory Racing Commission. Any disputes can be referred to the Commission at gamblingdisputes@nt.gov.au . for final determination and all bets or wagers will be adjusted accordingly.
  8. Clients are unable to cancel or change a bet once the bet has been placed and the acceptance confirmed, unless special exception be made by the Bookmaker and confirmed by the Client.
  9. All bet (wager) prices/lines are subject to variation and become fixed at the time a bet is accepted.
  10. Unless otherwise agreed by the Bookmaker, the Bookmaker reserves the right to limit the maximum win per client on any one race to A$20,000 for gallops and $7,000 for greyhounds and harness. This is regardless as to whether the wager is accepted via the internet, phone or other means, and the price on the TAB at the time of placing the wager. In addition, all multiple bets are subject to a maximum win of 250 times the Clients bet or wager.
    "The Bookmaker reserves the right in its sole discretion to void any or all bets made by any Member, individual or group of Members or people acting together in an attempt to defraud the Bookmaker. This can include persons, relatives, organisations, bookmakers and their employees."

Settlement Terms

  1. Winning will be credited to a Client"s Betting Account following confirmation of the final result. In the event .
    1. That an incorrect balance is provided the client, it is the Client"s responsibility to notify the Bookmaker of the error without delay and only place bets based upon the correct balance to which it will be amended.
    2. That funds or bets be credited to a Client"s Betting Account in error, it is the Client"s responsibility to notify the Bookmaker of the error without delay and the Client shall return to the Bookmaker any funds credited in error.
  2. Client Betting Accounts:
    1. Each Client may be issued a Client Betting Account before bets or wagers are accepted.
    2. With the approval of the Bookmaker a Client"s Betting Account will be granted a Maximum Debit Limit (Credit Limit);
    3. A Maximum Debit Limit (Credit Limit) is the maximum permissible debit balance.
    4. The Client is required to settle any debit balance on a weekly basis unless specific agreement be made between the Bookmaker and client.
    5. The Client Account Balance is the difference between the unsettled wagers made by the Client and the sum of any Client Deposits and unsettled winnings payable by the Bookmaker for all settlement periods. If the unsettled wagers exceed the sum of Client deposits and unsettled winnings, then there is a debit balance. If the sum of Client Deposits and unsettled winnings exceed the unsettled wagers, then there is a credit balance.
    6. That should the Bookmaker allow the client to go over their credit limit, that the client be responsible for their balance. It is the clients responsibility to keep account of their balance
    7. In relation to Clients that have been granted a maximum debit limit the settlement period shall, unless otherwise agreed, be weekly and shall end at midnight on Sunday of any week with respect to bets or wagers made by the Client and accepted by the Bookmaker during the preceding seven (7) day period. This means that any client who has an account with a debit balance at the close of business on Sunday is required to pay that balance in the next 5 days. Any client who has an account with a credit balance as at the close of business on Sunday is entitled to request payment to the value of that credit balance in the next 5 days. Only one payment of credit balances is allowed per week unless with the prior approval of the bookmaker.
    8. The Client may request any credit balance be paid to it by making a winnings claim. Any winnings claims are subject to any bonuses granted by the Bookmaker.
  3. Settlement means the full payment of a Client Account Balance for a settlement period and if there are unsettled Client Account Balances for prior settlement periods then those prior settlement periods must be settled as well.
  4. Where a Client has been granted a Maximum Debit Limit in accordance with paragraph above the Client may be refused bets or wagers by the Bookmaker if their Client Account Balance at any time exceeds their Maximum Debit Limit or if the effect of that bet or wager would cause the Maximum Debit Limit to be exceeded. If the Bookmaker, in its discretion, allows a Client to make a bet or wager even though the Maximum Debit Limit may be exceeded, the Client shall settle its resultant Client Account Balance when next notified by the Bookmaker. For the avoidance of doubt, it is the Client"s responsibility to monitor the balance of its Client Betting Account and if, for whatever reason the Client Betting Account Balance exceeds its Maximum Debit Limit it is the Client"s responsible to ensure that all amounts of the Debit Balance are settled in accordance with these Terms.
  5. The Bookmaker, at anytime, for an undisclosed reason may decrease or withdraw the Maximum Debit Limit, should this occur the account would still be payable in the normal weekly basis.
    1. Deposits are required to be turned over once before a withdrawal can be processed

Terms & Conditions of Credit Trade

  1. "Client" shall mean the Client or any person acting on behalf of and with the authority of the Client.
  2. "Services" shall mean all services supplied by the Bookmaker to the Client and includes any advice or recommendations.
  3. "Price" shall mean the cost of the Services as agreed between the Bookmaker and the Client subject to clause 4 of this contract.
  4. Acceptance
  5. Any instructions received by the Bookmaker from the Client for the supply of Services and/or the Client's acceptance Services supplied by the Bookmaker shall constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.
  6. The Client's shall always be responsible for all debts on their account.
  7. Upon acceptance of these terms and conditions by the Client the terms and conditions are irrevocable and can only be rescinded in accordance with these terms and conditions or with the written consent of the Bookmaker.
  8. None of the Bookmaker's agents or representatives are authorised to make any representations, statements, conditions or agreements not expressed by the Bookmaker in writing nor is the Bookmaker bound by any such unauthorised statements.
  9. The Client undertakes to give the Bookmaker not less than fourteen (14) days prior written notice of any proposed change in the Client's name and/or any other change in the Client's details (including but not limited to, changes in the Client's address, facsimile number, or business practice).
  10. Services
  11. The Services are as described on the account, betting slip or any other work commencement forms as provided by the Bookmaker to the Client.
  12. Price And Payment
  13. The odds or Price shall be expressed in the Bookmaker's Terms and Conditions at the date of betting.
  14. Time for payment for the Services shall be due five (5) days following the date of the Invoice.
  15. Payment will be made by direct deposit, direct debit, credit card, BPAY, Poli, cheque, or by bank cheque, or by any other method as agreed to between the Client and the Bookmaker.
  16. The Commonwealth Trade Practices Act 1974 and Fair Trading Acts
  17. Nothing in this agreement is intended to have the affect of contracting out of any applicable provisions of the Commonwealth Trade Practices Act 1974 or the Fair Trading Acts in each of the States and Territories of Australia, except to the extent permitted by those Acts where applicable.
  18. Default & Consequences Of Default
  19. Interest on overdue invoices shall accrue from the date when payment becomes due daily until the date of payment at a rate of 2.5% per calendar month and shall accrue at such a rate after as well as before any judgement.
  20. If the Client defaults in payment of any Result Slip when due, the Client shall indemnify the Bookmaker from and against all the Bookmaker's costs and disbursements including on a solicitor and own client basis and in addition all of the Bookmaker's nominees costs of collection.
  21. If any account remains unpaid at the end of the second month after supply of the Services or services the following shall apply: An immediate amount of the greater of $20.00 or 10.00% of the amount overdue shall be levied for administration fees which sum shall become immediately due and payable.
  22. Security And Charge
  23. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein or any other rights which the Bookmaker may have howsoever:
  24. (a) Where the Client is the owner of land, realty or any other asset capable of being charged, the Client agrees to mortgage and/or charge all of their joint and/or several interest in the said land, realty or any other asset to the Bookmaker to secure all amounts and other monetary obligations payable under the terms and conditions. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Bookmaker shall be entitled to lodge where appropriate a caveat, which caveat shall be released once all payments and other monetary obligations payable hereunder have been met. (b) Should the Bookmaker elect to proceed in any manner in accordance with this clause and/or its sub-clauses, the Client shall indemnify the Bookmaker from and against all the Bookmaker's costs and disbursements including legal costs on a solicitor and own client basis. (c) The Client hereby irrevocably nominates constitutes and appoints the Bookmaker as the Client's true and lawful attorney to execute mortgages and charges (whether registrable or not) including such other terms and conditions as the Bookmaker shall think fit in his/her/its/their absolute discretion against the joint and/or several interest of the Client in any land, realty or asset in favour of the Bookmaker and in the Client's name as may be necessary to secure the said Client's obligations and indebtedness to the Bookmaker and further to do and perform all necessary and other acts including instituting any necessary legal proceedings, and further to execute all or any documents in the Bookmaker's absolute discretion which may be necessary or advantageous to give effect to the provisions of this clause.
  25. Cancellation
  26. The Bookmaker may cancel these terms and conditions or cancel delivery of Services at any time before the Services are delivered by giving written notice. The Bookmaker shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from such cancellation.
  27. Privacy Act 1988
  28. The Client agrees for the Bookmaker to obtain from a credit-reporting agency a credit report containing personal credit information about the Client in relation to credit provided by the Bookmaker.
  29. The Client agrees that the Bookmaker may exchange information about Client with those credit providers named in the Application for Credit account or named in a consumer credit report issued by a reporting
  30. agency for the following purposes: (a) To assess an application by Client; (b) To notify other credit providers of a default by the Client; (c) To exchange information with other credit providers as to the status of this credit account, where the Client is in default with other credit providers; and (d) To assess the credit worthiness of the Client.
  31. The Client consents to the Bookmaker being given a consumer credit report to collect overdue payment on commercial credit (Section 18K (1) (h) Privacy Act 1988).
  32. The Client agrees that Personal Data provided may be used and retained by the Bookmaker for the following purposes and for other purposes as shall be agreed between the Client and Bookmaker or required by law from time to time:
  33. (a) provision of Services; (b) marketing of Services by the Bookmaker, its agents or distributors in relation to the Services; (c) analysing, verifying and/or checking the Client's credit, payment and/or status in relation to provision of Services; (d) processing of any payment instructions, direct debit facilities and/or credit facilities requested by Client; and (e) enabling the daily operation of Client's account and/or the collection of amounts outstanding in the Client's account in relation to the Services.
  34. The Bookmaker may give, information about the Client to a credit reporting agency for the following purposes:
  35. (a) to obtain a consumer credit report about the Client; and or (b) allow the credit reporting agency to create or maintain a credit information file containing information about the Client.
  36. General
  37. If any provision of these terms and conditions shall be invalid, void, illegal or unenforceable the validity, existence, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected, prejudiced or impaired.
  38. All Services supplied by the Bookmaker are subject to the laws of the Northern Territory and the Bookmaker takes no responsibility for changes in the law which affect the Services supplied.
  39. The Bookmaker shall be under no liability whatsoever to the Client for any indirect loss and/or expense (including loss of profit) suffered by the Client arising out of a breach by the Bookmaker of these terms and conditions.
  40. In the event of any breach of this contract by the Bookmaker the remedies of the Client shall be limited to damages. Under no circumstances shall the liability of the Bookmaker exceed the Price of the Services.
  41. The Bookmaker reserves the right to review these terms and conditions at any time and from time to time. If, following any such review, there is to be any change in such terms and conditions, that change will take effect from the date on which the Bookmaker notifies the Client of such change.
  42. Direct Debit Agreement, Your rights and our commitments
  43. The client agrees that when their credit account is in debit the amount owing will be settled within five (5) days from the date of the invoice sent weekly based on the Sunday midnight balance.
  44. The client agrees to the direct debit arrangement in the event my credit betting account is not paid in full within twenty eight (28) days from the day of transaction(s).
  45. The client agrees that if I have not settled my credit betting account within (28) days from the day of transaction(s) then this will be deemed as being in default.
  46. The client agrees that if I am deemed in default, I authorise Bookmaker, until further notice, to arrange for payment of my credit betting account by direct debiting my account using the Fast Pay System on a weekly basis, until the debt is paid, in an amount which will be equal to 3% of the amount initially owing with the first payment to be made at the 28th day from the transaction(s) ('direct debit arrangement').
  47. When you enter the direct debit / fastpay system, you are authorising Bookmaker to withdraw funds from your nominated account. These withdrawals will occur in line with the terms of your application.
  48. It is your responsibility to ensure that direct debit is available from your nominated account. If in doubt, check with your financial institution.
  49. We will provide you with 14 days notice in writing, of any changes to the terms.
  50. If a payment due date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the withdrawal from your nominated account will occur on the next business day.
  51. You must ensure that you have sufficient funds in the nominated account on the payment due date. If there are insufficient funds, your financial institution may charge you a fee. We will contact you to arrange an alternative payment and may pass on additional processing costs.
  52. You are required to provide us with 3 days notice of any deferment, alternation, suspension, stoppage or cancellation of your direct debit arrangement. This can be done by writing to us, calling us or emailing us.
  53. If you believe a withdrawal has been processed incorrectly, contact us immediately. We will investigate the matter and where necessary credit your account within 10 business days.
  54. All your customer information you provide to us will be kept confidential, except for information required for your financial institution to initiate the withdrawal from your nominated account.


  1. Where an event or match is postponed and rearranged to take place within 48 hours of the original starting time of the event or match, all bets will stand. If the event or match is rescheduled for a time greater than 48 hours after the original commencement time, all bets will be void and stakes refunded.
  2. The result of a match (for all sports other than soccer) will stand for betting purposes when it is abandoned after the start of the second half. Abandonment prior to this will cause the event to be void and money bet or wagered to be refunded. For a soccer match, a game must be played for at least 80 minutes for bets to stand. U.S. sports have other specific variations that are available on enquiry. If a tennis match is awarded to a player or players as a result of the disqualification or incapacity of an opponent, all single wagers will be deemed to be void and all stakes refunded on all players. Affected multiple wagers will be recalculated excluding that leg. In the case of Outright Tournament winner, the "All In" rule applies.
  3. Overtime periods or extra time in all sports shall count towards the final result for the match but, in the case of extra time in soccer, shall not count towards a final result of the match and the final result for payment of winning bets shall be on a draw.
  4. In the case of betting on a soccer match, the score at 90 minutes (normal full-time, normal time includes any stoppage time added by the referee) shall determine settlement of the bet and extra time will not count in determining the final result. In the event of the Bookmaker offering odds for a team to progress outright to the next round or to win the competition outright, then replays, extra time and penalties will count in determining settlement of the bet.
  5. In the case of betting on a soccer "outright" and there is no draw option, the match is resulted by whoever "wins the game".
  6. Soccer specials like correct score, HT/FT double, first goal scorer and handicap betting are resulted at "normal time".
  7. In the case of golf, a play-off shall count in determining the final result.
  8. In the case of golf, where a tournament is affected by adverse weather conditions, bets will be settled on the official result, disregarding the number of rounds played.
  9. In the case of all other sports (not broken in under individual headings) and all other contests that involve a set length of play or time limit, players must play to their conclusion or have no more than 5 minutes scheduled playing time remaining when the contest concludes to be considered official for betting purposes.
  10. In the event of a Dead Heat or Draw, where such an option was not offered for betting purposes, the ticket will be paid out at face value divided by the number of Dead Heating winners of the event (The Dead Heat Rule).